Dremel 3D20 Idea Builder

Very simple access and start-up so that you can basically start within minutes after unpacking. I checked some tests before and the print quality was cited to be among the best of low-cost entry 3D printers. Well, I tended to use it at least partly to supplement my scale-modelling hobby and soon discovered that neither in 1/35 nor in 1/72 the print quality of figurines is similar would be sufficient to use for modelling. Structures, gadgets etc. work on the other hand very well for dioramas.

The customer service is very good based on my (one) experience where the printer just did not want to print and the step-by-step guide they provided me on a Saturday solved the problem immediately.

The Dremel software is lacking a lot, but Dremel is cooperating with Autodesk and Print Studio supports the Dremel which helps a lot and makes printing a lot easier with that software.

Biggest downside is the frequent need to level the print platform (again this might be always the case, as I have comparison to other printers) and if the level is not within tiny (but achievable) limits, the print will fail.

I use my printer at home and we also have one at work where I demonstrate it building there as well.  Have always had great customer service both from Mitre10 and Bosch.  Love using it and making lots of products with it.  Next step is learning to make and print my own designs

This printer is simple plug and play right out of the box with good build quality. Combine that with a decent size build platform, amazing cusotomer service, and a great price tag and Dremel has done well with this entry level printer. The software that Dremel includes is simple to use and makes the whole interface very nice. I have been using the printer very frequently for over a year with no issues and it shows no signs of slowing down. The only downside is that it is designed to only fit the Dremel brand filament. However, this can be easily overcome by re-routing the plastic tube used for guiding the filament out the back or side of the printer through one of the several vent holes, which conveniently fit the tube perfectly, and then using an external spool mount.

This is my 3rd 3D printer in just 6 weeks. 1 a Flashforge died in the very 1st minute of printing. The 2nd, an XYZprinting DaVinci was terrible. If youre only as good as your slicing software, their software is terrible so I could not print anything other than their sample prints

Dremel software lets me do what I need to do.

Customer service is more than a little dense. No matter what issue I reported, they re-worded the problem completely and made the issue my fault. Got it working soon enough though

Very easy to get going with this printer.  Simple setup, easy leveling.  I use it separated from my computer, have never connected it.  Simply insert a flashcard with models on it, select one and hit print.  That being said, the supplied Dremel slicer software is pretty bare bones, not worth using.  They do however offer a free download of Autodesk Print Studio, which is great, and a must really.  If you need to break up models further then you will need to find a third party software option.  The unit came missing a rubber foot, but customer service was quick to respond and send one out free of charge.  Well pleased with this printer, definitely recommend.

I have a bunch of these in my classroom.  I should state that we have Ultimaker 2s, Dremel 3D20s, Dremel 3D40s and a FormLabs 2.  So, those are my comparisons.  We had a bunch of Makerbot Replicator 2s when I first started here, and after having to take them apart on a daily basis we went with these.  I have over 500 hours of prints on each of these printers, and I just now had to repair one at 770 hours with a build that went crazy.  These printers are very reliable.  I changed the print bed tape that came with it after 250 hours, and it was still going pretty strong.  If you go through Dremel, there is also some education software it comes with too.  I really have nothing bad to say about this except that it is not as easy to level as the 3D40.  It does not have the level of quality as the best print youd find on an Ultimaker 2, and no where near the quality you get out of a SLA printer like the FormLabs 2.  That being said, its cheaper than those models, and it can handle being printed on a daily basis in my classroom.

Ive used a lot of different desktop 3D printers, assembled some professionally, and used a few Dremel 3D20s so I knew what I was getting into when I bought my printer. Its a good value and if you want to print PLA day and night, this is your printer. Ive never had a jam or clog with this machine, ever (knock on wood). I printed out a mod for the extruder, so now I can print flexible material just as easily.

The Dremel build surface is like BuildTak and works very well. The bed is easily removable. I bought a second bed, so I can keep on printing, while Im removing a print. Its pretty quiet. Print quality is very good and squishing the first layer a bit leaves a smooth bottom layer. What I like best about this printer is that its reliable.

The downside… The desktop software isnt the best, but it works great with Simplify3D. Bed leveling can be a little annoying and the acrylic beds arent perfectly flat, I find are a little high in the center.

Note: The CF card attached to the main board always gets unseated when this model printer ships. Youll have to get to the main board, take out the CF cards, remove the hot glue they use to secure the card in the port (I know, crazy) and pop it back in. Should work fine after that.

Overall a great printer and Im very happy with it.

so the dremel idea maker is my first 3d printer so i dont have a vast wealth of knowledge to compare it to. so i opted for this model of the 2 other 3d printers that argos was offering it was more expensive but dremel make great multi tools so i figured it was better to go with a brand i knew of. i was literally printing out of the box within 5 minets the set up was very easy just adjusting the highest three points at was all very self explanatory. it comes with some pre programmed shapes so just selected and away you go. a couple of things to remember the slicing software from dremel exports as there own type of file not an stl file but you can import an stl and once its sliced it exports at there file, i invested in simplify 3d, the main reason for this is that the dremel software is very simple and doesnt give you an option to add support structure which simplify3d does and it exports files in both stl and dremel files. finaly i also had issues with things sticking to the bed (they didnt) i added a sticky sheet which you get a couple of with the printer but things just kept popping off, i uses glue sticks but didnt make much differnace now i use carpet tape !  nothing moves and every print comes out now matter how skinny and tall the object is. it may take a little time to clean the tape off the print plate (i use a sticky stuff remover cleaning liquid which takes it off in seconds) but i rather spend 5 minuets cleaning off a bed than having several hours of prints ruined. all in all i think its a great machine and after talking to people who own different makes of printer Im vey happy with how little trouble i have with this machine

This printer is a good start for beginners.

My only advice if you wanna purchase this 3dprinter: Buy simplify3D  The dremel software is really bad…

Im talking about a second-hand printer (300h print ) repaired by me with parts coming out of service in 10 days. The components are dedicated and I preferred to exchange with the original. Everything was 30% more expensive than any compatible one. If anyone needs details they can do a more complete tutorial. If he had hotbed and self-calibration would be very good. As 3D design software I work with SolidWorks exporting in .stl format. I am from Romania.

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