3D-print your face in chocolate for that special Valentines Day gift

3D-print your face in chocolate for that special Valentines Day gift

Tokyos FabCafe launches service to make your face edible but are the results more sinister than romantic?

Fri 25 Jan 201315.06 GMTFirst published on Fri 25 Jan 201315.06 GMT

Stuck for aValentines Daygift with that special personal touch? A Japanese 3D-printing company may well have the answer providing the opportunity for you to print your own face in chocolate.

ShibuyasFabCafeis offering a two-day workshop for budding techno-chocolatiers to learn how to transform their face into a sinister edible treat. For 6,000 Yen (40), you can have your head scanned and turned into a 3D digital model, which is then printed in plastic in high definition on aProjetHD printer. A silicon mould is made from this positive form and filled with melted chocolate and the final product can be secreted in a box of chocolates and presented to your unsuspecting loved one.

Its the result of an increasingly elaborate market in chocolate Valentines gifts inJapan, driven by pressure for ever more original, personalised presents. Tradition states that women give chocolate gifts to men on Valentines Day with special emphasis on bespoke, handmade items. Men are expected to return the favour one month later on White Day for which FabCafe is planning a follow-up workshop.

The brainchild of digital production company,Loftwork, the FabCafe is a high-tech evolution of the internet cafe, equipped with a range of digital fabrication tools so you can enjoy a spot of laser-cutting with your latte. It joins a growing trend for niche coffee shops in Japan, includingcat cafes, where you can have a drink surrounded by feline friends, and cafes where you can eat with your favouritereal live anime character.

3D Printing prototyping product design specialists London UK

Theyve turned my sketches into a final product at a very competitive price!

3D printing is a fantastic technique to transform your idea into a tangible product you can hold in your hand.

This means fantastic possibilities for your ideas to be converted into physical objects, which can vary from jewellery designs, or replicating an old spare part for your car, to name but a few. ​3D printing allows you to design different sized items, which can also be made from many materials. The options are endless!

Luma3Dprint specialise in taking your idea and turning it into a 3D computer model and a 3D print.

Once you have approved the 3D model we then transfer the file to be converted into a 3D physical object, which is then sent to you. Any object can potentially be modeled by us and then printed within a week from your own design with this technology.

BeauFort London Redefining Mens grooming

BBC Coverage of the Headset Design we worked on with Oxford University

We discuss your ideas and put together a range of sketches and concepts until we find the direction you would like to go, this is followed by refined 3D CAD models, prototypes, and testing. The final stage is for us to create production drawings for manufacture.

As well as total product creation, luma3Dprint can work with you for further promotional features including packaging art work product manuals.

From your ideas to market leading products

This product is a great showcase to explain why product design works best when broken into separate sections or milestones to ensure the customer gets the most developed, reliable and advanced product possible.

Print your own legendary plane

Modern 3D technology in service of history. Enjoy a flight time with your own legendary warbird. Download our airframes and print it anytime…

The first fully printable airplanes with suitable files prepared for your 3Dprinter

Extensive, hi-tech 3D structural reinforcement

Extensive hi-tech 3d structural reinforcement resulting in solid yet lightweight airframe thanks to additive 3Dprinting technology

Each plane has been thoroughly tested to find ideal shape and best possible inner structure

Choose your aircraft, download 3d files and print as many you need. Using your desktop 3Dprinter

Get your 3d files immediately after purchase

Then print as many planes or spare parts as you wish. Only for a cost of filament

Find all you need in detailed PDF/VIDEO guide or ask on our forum

3DLabPrint was founded in 2015 in Brno, Czech Republic as an aeronautics company focused on the use of the additive process for a variety of manufacturing from small R/C models to manned air crafts

We are always trying to push our limits and move things further, so every new project is full of improvements for better durability, easier assembly, better geometry solutions and so on. We are passionate about our products and hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy developing them, although this print may test your competencies and quality of your printer (welcome to thin wall printing)

Stepan Dokoupil is a professional architect and aircraft designer with over 15 years of experience. When he is not flying reduced size models, he pilots Zln 142, Cessna 172 and 152 or Tecnam JS92 aircrafts over Europe and North America. He is so fond of flying that years ago he bought his first desktop 3D printer and started to develop his own sophisticated RC model kits.

Co-founder Patrik Svida is also an aeronautics enthusiast and world air combat races champion, which he won with his self designed ACES aircraft. He has a masters degree in structural engineering and more than 20 years experience in aircraft design.

Just have a look to this short video How to import our prepaired setting for

Our P-38 arrived in Flite Test hangar in one piece. Editors tested it properly. Check out

Hannes Arch of Austria seen during the fourth stage of the Red Bull Air Race World

Did you think is impossible to print large manned Aircraft. We are focused on this, next step

downloaded, built and flown, amazing work, and attention to the physics of flight. I used the included slicer settings and have to tweak it to get it right, I recommend using the included Gcode files, if you can, I had to figure out the Z axis compensation for my ROBO 3D but once I knew the trick I just printed the STLs and fine tuned it during print. had lifting of the wing sections so I lowered the bed and HE temps to ease the stress of contracting PLA. If anything the fuse is a little squishy behind the cockpit so I added some 1mm carbon rod bracing and it stiffened up nicely. Love my new plane

I just downloaded the mustang last night. I had to get the S3D to make it work the way it was designed. $150 but I really like it so far.

The cool factor of having all the internal architecture within the wing and fuse sold me. Looks like art work!

I love the challenge of printing this aircraft. Way more satisfying than buying it from china! (Lower case c intended)

Some really rare edf jets would be nice. This design style just seems to be custom catered for things like a Mig-15 or a curvy SR-71

…. from RCGroups forum – I cant beleave we are even having this conversation! We all printed this thing because we could. Not because it was practical.

I dont know about you guys, but I have a basement full of impractical things and my printer is one of them. I spend hours printing things I could easily buy from the dollar store. That EFX is one of my favorite speed planes and is blistering fast with my rare bear motor in it. But I have more satisfaction with this P-51 and I havent even flown it yet. Why? Because no one else in my area has one! Its unique, cutting edge and other than buying the file…I made it.

I just wish I had half the CAD talent of Stepan so I could design more of my own stuff.

placed my order for the mustang! going to print it in clear PLA. cannot wait to get it started!

Well, I printed the very first piece last night, I didnt want to print the entire right wing without doing a test print first so I picked the smallest wing section and followed the video instruction exactly. I dont have a .40 nozzle but I did set my extrusion width to .42 (from the usual .40) and the wing came out just about perfect except one tiny bump in the skin that is hardly noticeable. I measured the skin thickness and it varies from .42 down to .37 in some spots so I am going to do a thin wall calibration later today to make sure everything is calibrated correctly. The clear (natural) PLA looks amazing, I cannot wait until it is finished, I bet lights inside this would look awesome! Will get some pics up when I get time.

3DLabPrint, your Mustang was the star of the show at our local makergroup meeting! It blew people away that something like that was even possible! I got all of my electronics in yesterday, hoping to maiden it this weekend. I also designed a wall hanger for it! I will upload the files if anyone is interested.

Tarsus Group

Tarsus is an international business-to-business media group with interests in exhibitions, conferences, education, publishing and online media.

Since the companys founding in 1998, we have built a diverse portfolio of leading brands that span a wide range of industries and geographies. Find out more about what we do and our upcoming events.

In the next phase of our Quickening the Pace strategy we will deepen our presence in high-growth markets, look to maximise the scale of our existing events and continue to invest to scale our replication programme

Douglas Emslie, Group Managing Director

Thousands flock to Labelexpo Asia 2017

Visitors place orders worth millions of US$ at Zuchex 2017

Labelexpo Europe records all-time high in event attendance

The Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas

TYAP Beylikdz Fair & Congress Centre, Istanbul

Sheikh Saeed Halls 1 – 3, World Trade Centre, Dubai

Sheikh Saeed Halls 1 – 3, World Trade Centre, Dubai

2017 Capital Markets Day presentation


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3D printed aircraft engine by Monash University, Australia

Researchers in Monash University, Australia, along with Deakin University have developed a jet engine using 3D…Read More

3D-Print Today is an online news magazine bringing you up to date on all the latest news from the 3D Printing Industry. We work hard on finding interesting and unique news stories and fresh trends on the market.

Our online magazine provides a compelling blend of daily articles, fresh news, blog posts and opinions, as well as videos and visuals across all platforms through our main website, our mobile application and the social media network; all contains the detailed information and up to date news, for you to discover the amazing world of 3D Printing.

Advanced 3D printing and scanning technologies exhibition

Still studying? Get tickets to 3D Print Expo 2017 at a discount!

n art gallery with unusual 3D printed exhibits

A contest for the highest quality of printing among the exhibited 3D printers.

traditional awards ceremony of the best companies that greatly contributed in industry development.

While you are reading these lines, we are printing a space rocket for 3D Print Expo 2017!

traditional awards ceremony of the best companies that greatly contributed in industry development.

Workshops on working with 3D printers, scanners and 3D modeling programs.

business conference that consists of two streams: industry promotion and application of 3D printing in various fields.

We continue to introduce you to various 3D printing technologies. The next one is selective laser melting or SLM. SLM is a unique additive technology that lies in the creation…

Local Motors gets billion dollars for the development of 3D printed cars

The American automaker Local Motors is known for creating vehicles using 3D printing technologies. The company managed to get a good profit signing a partnership agreement with the transport organization…

Forge 1 – a 3D printer based on a tablet

The Visionsforge startup launched a crowdfunding campaign to collect investments to make the 3D Forge 1 printer come to life. Its special feature is that it illuminates resins from photopolymers…

3D printing market novelty introduced by E3D company

E3D manufacturer created a new 3D printer print head with water-cooling, called Titan Aqua. The special feature of this technology is that liquid cooling allows improving 3D printer performance for…

From 3D clothes to surgical simulators: international 3D printing exhibition in Moscow

More than 50 exhibitors from different countries, 3D printed submarines and rockets, Android 3D printer,surgical simulator presentations and speeches from European experts. Besides that, a 3D Print Awards ceremony, a…

3D Print Expo: deputy Alexander Smetanov will speak about the importance of opening innovation centers for youth

Are dozens of technology parks in Moscow a Utopia or possible reality? On October 13, deputy of Moscow City Council Alexander Smetanov will highlight the issue at 3D Print Expo….

3D Print Expo: CEO of Arkon Boris Kozlov will speak about subtleties of 3D printing with solid materials

How promising are modern 3D printing technologies? On October 14, CEO of Arkon Boris Kozlov will highlight the issue at 3D Print Expo. Arkon mainly supplies complex solutions for industrial…

3D Print Expo: Roman Gorbatov will provide case studies of using 3D printing in healthcare

How is 3D printing applied in healthcare? On October 14, Head of Additive Technologies Laboratory of the Federally Funded Institution Privolzhsky Federal Medical Research Center of the Ministry of Healthcare…

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ECC Sokolniki, pavilion 2, 5-iy Luchevoy prosek, 7/1

Protocol on how to 3D print protein structures?

Protocol on how to 3D print protein structures?

We have bought a Makerbot 3D printer and would greatly appreciate it if someone send me a protocol on how to print 3D protein structures (e.g. from Molecular Modeling Database/Structure, Protein Databank, etc.)

I routinely print molecules on my Makerbot using the following protocol:

2a. If rendering as a cartoon, thicken the model so as to convey structural rigidity onto the final print. Choose an aspect ratio of about 2, thickness of about 1.

2b. If rendering van der Waals surfaces, set the atomic radii to be about 1.4.

3. Turn off the XYZ Axes, otherwise they will be rendered too.

5. Use a program such as netfabb to repair the stl (the ones from VMD are often not manifold or orientable).

7. When printing, I recommend using rafts. Supports are compulsory as there are invariably overhangs.

I have produced a number of protein models available on the thingiverse:

French National Centre for Scientific Research

Here is the step-by-step procedure I used:

1. search for the molecule of interest in Protein Data Bank then export in pdb format

3. Prepare the molecule as you wish to see it printed (I use ribbons only but you could try solid structure, thats no problem)

4. Directly export in .stl format (most 3D printers recognize this format)

5. Open the stl file in your 3D-printer software: it is often necessary to repair the molecule. There if you want me to be more specific I can only do it for the UP and MakerBot printers.

6. Print: it takes hours and its a nightmare to remove the support material but once its done the result is beautiful!

I hope it helps! Dont hsitate to ask me for more details!

Here is a link to a tutorial I prepared:

Thank you Tobias, I will look at those.

French National Centre for Scientific Research

Here is the step-by-step procedure I used:

1. search for the molecule of interest in Protein Data Bank then export in pdb format

3. Prepare the molecule as you wish to see it printed (I use ribbons only but you could try solid structure, thats no problem)

4. Directly export in .stl format (most 3D printers recognize this format)

5. Open the stl file in your 3D-printer software: it is often necessary to repair the molecule. There if you want me to be more specific I can only do it for the UP and MakerBot printers.

6. Print: it takes hours and its a nightmare to remove the support material but once its done the result is beautiful!

I hope it helps! Dont hsitate to ask me for more details!

Here is a link to a tutorial I prepared:

University of California, San Francisco

MakerBot is not ideal for printing protein models unless they are very simple, so Ill recommend using coarse molecular surfaces and then finding an orientation that minimizes the number of concavities/overhangs along the vertical axis.

For more general printing advice, Ive pasted some discussion we recently had on the Chimera group list serve at the bottom (not specific to maker bot).

First a very general recommendation about 3D printing for people without a printer:

If you want to do full color models, you can hire a service to do it for you, e.g., the lab where I got my PhD: will take care of all of the support and struts etc.) or you can export a VRML file (Ive not tried Chimeras VRML files, but Im sure it would work fine), and upload that to an online service to print in a huge variety of materials, including metal, such as The website will give you instant feedback about the printability of your model, followed a couple days later by some human input.

NIH plans to support 3D printing very soon. Here is a placeholder for their future website (nothing clickable for the public yet, but the movie will inspire) and you can request to join the beta testers group to gain full access to the website:


Heres a link to the 3-D models we make using Chimera and our uPrint

Just a few more details from the Chimera end. You can use File… Export Scene and choose the STL format.

There are some things to consider, such as structural integrity and whether the exported triangles are well-behaved. The link Tom sent has some discussion of these issues. Also, there is a relatively new struts command (not in 1.8, you need a daily build) to add reinforcing bars to a structure for 3D printing:

French National Centre for Scientific Research

Very interesting comment Graham and thanks for the links!

Regarding the printing of complex molecular models, I love the idea of using water soluble support material ( Can be done by using two extruders on a Makerbot and use HIPS as material for support.

The most amazing models in my view:

Check out the new NIH 3D Print Exchange. We do a lot of the compute for you so that all you have to do is send the file to the printer.

I routinely print molecules on my Makerbot using the following protocol:

2a. If rendering as a cartoon, thicken the model so as to convey structural rigidity onto the final print. Choose an aspect ratio of about 2, thickness of about 1.

2b. If rendering van der Waals surfaces, set the atomic radii to be about 1.4.

3. Turn off the XYZ Axes, otherwise they will be rendered too.

5. Use a program such as netfabb to repair the stl (the ones from VMD are often not manifold or orientable).

7. When printing, I recommend using rafts. Supports are compulsory as there are invariably overhangs.

I have produced a number of protein models available on the thingiverse:

French National Centre for Scientific Research

For your interest, please find a list of protein models printed by some of my students.

Federal University of Santa Catarina

I have written a detailed guide explaining every step for rending and printing molecular models:

You can also use the NIH 3D print exchange ( it works really well. You just load upload the .pdb file and it will convert it for you and give you a the files you need. See See

Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Crop Breeding and Cultivation Research Institute

How is ResearchGate dealing with copyright issues when posting our papers?

I am wondering if there are any copyright issues when we post our published papers on ResearchGate? Is there any rule we should follow or we can…

Can someone tell me if Qubit is really better than Nanodrop in nucleic acids quantification, even for small concentrations?

How can I Convert Fasta format or .aln format to PIR format? I need this for modeller, but clustal W doesnt have this option?

MODELLER uses PIR file to make use of structural information. Im having a hard time to deal with this two formats

What is mosaicity in macromolecular crystallography? How does it affect the quality of the X-ray data?

I want to know about the mosaicity in macromolecular crystallography as a novice. How does it impact the structure determination of the protein?

Drawing software for scientific models (schemes)

Are there useful scientific drawing (include cartoon) programs to show my research work or review conclusion ? or does anyone have any…

What is the protocol of MES buffer preparation?

I want to prepare different pH mediums for protein binding to nanoparticles using MES buffer, can I make pH 4, 5, 6? how much and how can I do…

Can someone help me generate a nice picture by pymol?

Could you please  help me with this I can see some people make nice figure for their active site protein and I can not do the same . I know How to…

How long to autoinduce at room temperature?

Hi, I have been trying to express a membrane protein in E. coli and have been playing around with autoinduction. At 37C, it goes into inclusion…

How to calculate solvent accessible surface (SASA)?

I have ran molecular dynamic simulation for mutated prion protein for 50 ns using GROMACS software. Now I want to calculate its solvent…

Best graphics program for making scientific illustrations for journal articles?

Could anyone comment which are the best graphic designing programs (2D and 3D) used by high impact journals to make colorful scientific…

Discussion on the Teaching Mode of 3D Print Design Course

Conference Paper Jan 2017 The New Scientist

P5129Left atrial appendage closure guided by 3D printed patient-specific models

Why 3D printing is set to change how we live

Having complete control over not just an objects shape but also its properties makes almost anything possible

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library for 3shape model builder Version

you will find more info under products- needful things

New: ELOS Medtech AB – 3D medical print KG

of 600 dpi and a layer thickness of 16 m.

DHL (internationally). Keep track of

Since January 2013 we have been off ering a large range of 3D printed products for the dental sector, which we continue to improve and expand.

Dentists, dental technicians and surgeons can easily order medical and dental models, drill guides and models for surgical planning.

As a master dental technician with my own dental lab, I have always been looking for further education and innovative techniques in the medical sector.

Finding a possibility to produce high quality 3D models for the medical sector was the beginning for the company 3D medical print. It was founded in October 2012 and I now dedicate myself fully to this new technology.

Since there had been no one providing 3D printed model in this sector in Austria up to this point, I decided to invest in 3D printing in order to produce dental models made out of diff erent resins. With the company Objet/Stratasys, a pioneer in the domain of 3D printing, I found the right technical partner for our company.

Gateway 3D Print

All orders of our premium 3D filament is shipped directly from the manufacturer… (thats US!) Most orders ship within one business day. If ship time is longer than the average seven days it will be listed in the product descriptions. Please expect to add two or three days for holiday orders. See our

Gateway 3D Printwelcomes your questions about our 3D filament! Let us know whats on your mind and we will do our best to assist you. Feedback on our service and products is always appreciated and we take your concerns seriously. Be sure to check out ourFAQs!

Thank you for choosingGateway 3D Printfor all your 3D filament needs. It is our first priority to ensure the privacy of your information and the security of your transactions with us. Check out ourSECURE PAYMENTsection for complete peace of mind! Please note:All prices are in US funds.


Gateway 3D Printhas an established reputation for producing high quality products, backed by our commitment to providing customer satisfaction – on time, every time. We make our ABS 3D filament on site, in our plant using our time-tested plastic extrusion process with quality checks every step of the way. We pride ourselves in offering premium grade 3D filament that has been rigorously tested and comes recommended by third party reviewers. When you shop withGateway 3D Print, you can shop with confidence knowing that our reputation counts on your satisfaction with our products.


Gateway 3D Printoffers the quality, price and selection that makers are looking for. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba we manufacture our products onsite and ship from our centrally located distribution point making us your ideal choice for all of your 3D filament needs. Whether you are looking for a small quantity or a large volume, we have the capabilities to produce what you need quickly and have it delivered to your door when you need it. Our 3D filament is designed for strength and durability and can be used for at-home projects and bigger applications too. Our unique variety packs allow you the freedom to choose the colors you want. With 16 unique and practical options, create your own mix-and-match 3D filament package today!

Gateway 3D Print, 385 DeBaets St., Winnipeg, MB R2J 4J8

Engineers Have Found a Way to 3D Print Super Strong Aluminum

A team of researchers from HRL Laboratories have devised a method that finally allows for the 3D printing of high-strength metals and alloys. These materials, commonly used in heavy-duty industrial parts, can now be manufactured faster and cheaper than ever before.

For the longest time, metal-based manufacturing has been difficult and costly. High-strength aluminum alloys are difficult materials to work with for additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing. Now, researchers fromHRL Laboratorieshave developed a new method that allowed them to 3D print high-strength aluminum and weld previously unweldable material.

Were using a 70-year-old nucleation theory to solve a 100-year-old problem with a 21st century machine, Hunter Martin, a PhD student at theUniversity of California, Santa Barbaraand engineer at HRLs Sensors and Materials Laboratory, said ina press release.

The HRL researchers came up with a method theyve called nanofunctionalization, where nano-functionalized powders are fed to a 3D printer. This is applied in thin layers which are heated by a laser to solidify into a three-dimensional object. During melting and solidification, the structures produced using this method dont crack and are able to maintain their full alloy strength, thanks to the nanoparticles acting as nucleation sites for the intended alloy microstructure.

Our first goal was figuring out how to eliminate the hot cracking altogether. We sought to control microstructure and the solution should be something that naturally happens with the way this material solidifies, Martin said.

High-strength alloys like aluminum including types like Al7075 and Al6061  are currently used in engineering aircraft and automobile parts, like in airplane fuselages. However, current methods are largely expensive and are unable to allow finer manipulation of these materials.Click to View Full Infographic

Now, with this HRLs new nanofunctionalization technique thats easily scalable, its possible to 3D print these high-strength alloys in all shapes and sizes. This allows faster, cheaper, and more detailed manufacturing using high-strength materials. Furthermore, because melting and solidification in 3D printing is akin to welding, their technique makes it possible to weld previously unweldable alloys.

To determine which particles had the properties they needed, the HRL team asked help fromCitrine Informatics. The point of using informatics software was to do a selective approach to the nucleation theory we knew to find the materials with the exact properties we needed, HRLs Brennan Yahata explained. Once we told them what to look for, their big data analysis narrowed the field of available materials from hundreds of thousands to a select few. We went from a haystack to a handful of possible needles.

References:PhysNatureHRL Laboratories

Heres What Life Will Be Like With 3D Printers That Can Create Anything

3D Printing Is Revolutionizing Our Access to the Objects We Desire

These 3D Printed Health Monitoring Tattoos Contain Live Bacteria

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