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F400-S (Standard, Single .4MM Print Head)F400-HFR (High Flow Rate, Single .8MM Print Head)

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F400-S (Standard) or F400-HFR (High Flow Rate) 3D Printer

The F400-S ($4,499 + shipping) prints at excellent speed and high detail for any sized parts. Customers seeking to only produce very large parts in record time, without needing fine detail, may find the F400-HFR ($4,699 + shipping) to be the best solution.

Due to their size and the requirement for careful handling, our 3D printers must be shipped via LTL Freight Truck (US & Canada) or Air Freight (International).  Pricing for these shipping methods is highly variable, and does not correlate with distance or location.In order to ensure the lowest shipping prices, Fusion3 must contactour ourshipping partners for each inquiry and generate a quote.

Every Fusion3 3D Printer comes with FREE lifetime technical support (diagnose and resolve any technical issues) and a best in the industry 2 Year warranty.

Our 1 Year Enhanced Support Plan provides additional assistance to customers who are either looking to do more advanced tasks or those who are new(er) to 3D printing and need more help in the operation of their 3D printer.

For locations lacking adequate ventilation, Fusion3 has an optional filter assembly that bolts onto the rear of the 3D printer and holds both a carbon filter (contains smell) and HEPA filter (captures emissions).

The F400-S allows the user to swap out different sized print heads depending on the required speed and detail for their print. The standard .4MM print head provides excellent print quality at fast speeds. For customers seeking to reduce print time, giving up the  ability to print fine details, we offer an optional .6MM swappable print head for the F400-S. This print head is not as fast as the HFR but provides greater flexibility for the F400-S.

Weve have partnered with leading business leasing firms to provide competitive financing options to US-based businesses.

Were happy to print a reasonably sized part from your CAD file atAT NO COST TO YOUto demonstrate the superior speed and print quality of the F400.

Fusion3 provides a variety of discounts including education, active military / veteran and volume discounts (4 or more in one order).

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Fusion3 F400 High-Resolution 3D Printer

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Are Dual Extruders Worth It?

Dual extruders: what are they, how are they used, and are they worth the high price manufacturers ask for them? This article will answer all your burning questions so you can decide if you need (or just want) a 3D printer with dual extrusion.

At the moment, dual extruders are a simple upgrade tosingle extrusion. With dual extrusion, two nozzles share the same head and move as one piece. For this reason, 3D printers with dual extruders donotprint twice as fast as printers with single extrusion. In order for that to be true, each nozzle would have to move independently without interfering with the other. Once you imagine that logistical nightmare, you understand why dual extrusion is still limited.

Dont be discouraged, though! Dual extruders have much more to offer than simply speeding up print time. Both hobbyists and professionals can both appreciate the benefits of dual extruding 3D printers.

The ability to print with support filaments is arguably the most common and usefulfunction of dual extrusion. One nozzle is loaded with your main filament while the other nozzle sits ready with HIPS, PVA, or other dissolvable filament for support structures.

Youve been printing supports in the same material as the item youre printing, and are sick of all the work you have to do in post to get the item presentable.

Youve been avoiding certain prints because they require supports and you dont want to deal with the problem above.

Youve never used a 3D printer before, but need one to print geometrically complex items or simply want the freedom to build whatever models strike your fancy.

This function is pretty self explanatory. With a single extruder, getting two colors into a single print is a chore and a crap shoot. You have to stop the print, remove the filament, reload the new color, and hope the two bond once printing resumes. What a pain.

Dual extruders make the whole process much simpler and more reliable.

Mass printing small parts is an underrated function that both hobbyists and professionals should keep in mind. Small items that are identical and do not exceed the width between both nozzles can be printed simultaneously.

This is a very specific feature that not everyone can utilize, but that helps save time for applicable prints.

For most people, single extruders are still a fine choice. This is especially true for beginners, since dual extrusion adds another layer of complexity to printing. For example, oozing becomes a problem, and slicing gets a big more complicated.

On the other hand, just about everyone can benefit from dual extrusion. Dual extrusion allows you to make more interesting, gravity-defying models with the help of support filaments. Dual extrusion also makes it much easier to create multi-colored prints. If these features are important to you, its worth saving up for the added cost of a 3D printer with dual extrusion.

If youre interested in a 3D printer with dual extrusion, check out our reviews of theAirwolf 3D HD2XandLeapfrog Creatr XL. Kits are also available for enterprising DIY-ers who want to upgrade their current 3D printer.

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