How and where to buy cheap 3D printers in AliExpress

10 years ago, when 3D printers were first invented, their use was limited to industrial design, engineering or architecture. Nowadays, they are being used to make all sorts of things and anyone can own AliExpress you can find a wide range of them, but what 3D printer should you choose? What shop has the best offer in both quality and range? More importantly, what model is the right one for you?

We are going to answer all these questions, as well as a few others that might come up while choosing a model, but before we get into it, our advice is that you consider your budget first: price can vary a lot depending on what model you want, and although they have become more affordable, its still a considerable investment.

The first thing you need to do to find the best 3D printers in AliExpress is to use the key words 3D printer. Once you type this in the search tab, youll come up with both printers and other related products, such as spare parts, or kits to build your own printer. Once youve found some interesting products, here is some advice on what you should look out for next.

Although 3D printers are becoming more popular, they are still fairly unknown to a lot of people, so always make sure you are making a safe purchase, to do this pay close attention to the following things:

The sellers reputation: Although it may not seem like it, there is a huge difference between shops with barely any ratings, and shops rated with medals, diamonds or crowns. This is the first thing you should pay attention to, however dont forget that sometimes new shops, that still havent been rated, can turn out to be pretty good as well! 🙂

Number of sales: one of the best ways to make sure a shop is trustworthy is looking at its sales. The more sales it has, the better the chances of it being a trustworthy shop.

Ratings and comments left by previous AliExpress customers: another way of making sure you are getting the exact product you are looking for, is to look at reviews and comments left by previous customers. Make sure you read the comments, this will give you a better idea of what to expect.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you keep in mind what you are going to use the printer for. This is super important when considering what kind of cheap 3D printer you want, as the price difference of printers has a lot to do with their functionality (user or professional).

To make it even easier for you, weve made a selection of the best Chinese shops offering 3D printers, taking into account things such as price, sellers reputation, number of sales and customer reviews:

Sunhokey-tech 3D Printer Super Store: with a 3 diamond rating and more than a year of experience, this is one of the most popular shops to buy 3D printers in AliExpress. It has a wide range of fairly cheap printers and very good ratings.

3D Star:this shop has 5 medals and incredible discounts (up to 38% for certain models). If you are looking for great offers, this seller, with a 98% positive rating, is the one for you.

Hesine Customize Store: it may only have a diamond, but it has 100% positive ratings and offers all the most popular printers on the market. They also offer free shipping which, if you ask me, is always a plus.

Geeetech Electronics Flagship Store: five medals, great revires and a wide range of models, need I say more? It also has quite a few accessories for your 3D printer.

With these five shops you shouldnt have any problems while shopping for a 3D printer. Also, if you are still unsure, just contact the seller directly to ask for more information about the product. Finally, if you still have any doubts, leave us a comment! 🙂

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